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Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing gives your sales and marketing team the tools to work together to increase sales and improve customer retention. Campaign management tools allow you to deliver consistent messages, track customers from initial lead to close of sale and fully understand your ROI.
Infopad has many years experience in helping organisations reinvigorate their sales and marketing activities.

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a 360-degree view of customers

Get a comprehensive view of your customers across sales and marketing, so you can understand their journey from end to end & create a seamless customer experience. Deliver consistent messaging and increase retention & close rates.



Provide targeted, tailored digital marketing via a comprehensive web content management solution. Anticipate customer needs, uncover insights, and personalize your interaction across all points of contact.


With aligned sales & marketing you can uncover more customer value. Retention rates are increased, sales cycles are reduced. Campaign management tools & analytics will help you sell faster and more efficiently — while measuring marketing ROI.


Manage content using dynamic marketing software on a platform that scales globally. By combining Dynamics 365 for Marketing with Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, you’ll deliver compelling customer experiences that drive your business.

Single Interface for Multi-channel campaigns

Manage complex campaigns with multiple marketing lists and channels. Keep on top of tasks, budgets and email campaigns. Detailed campaign tracking enables your team to learn what works best and replicate successes.

Complex campaign management

For more advanced functionality, integrate with Click Dimensions and MS Social Engagement. These fully integrated solutions allow you to extensively interrogate your email and social marketing activities.