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Jewish Care

Key Outcomes

  • Admin process times halved saving hundreds of man hours each month
  • KPIs easily generated across the whole business, saving management hours and improving decisions.
  • Full case history from first point of contact to last ensuring unparalleled customer service

“We have worked with InfoPad for over four years and they feel very much part of the team.  Whilst change is always difficult, the benefits to our organisation from the Dynamics system they have helped us to deliver are enormous.

They have worked in an open way to help us make the best of all new features Dynamics 365 has to offer, and helped us reduce the overall costs of implementing the system by empowering our internal resources.”

Ross Mullenger

Head of IT, Jewish Care


Jewish Care are the largest provider of health and social care services for the Jewish community in the UK. Every week, they touch the lives of 10,000 people.

InfoPad have been working collaboratively with Jewish Care, since 2013.  Over the past four years, we have migrated many departments from legacy database systems and Excel spreadsheets to Dynamics 365. We maintain a permanent presence on site, support Jewish Care’s continual development.  Currently, there are more than 300 users of the system and it is growing rapidly.


Before the implementation of Dynamics, achieving consistency and accuracy with the data they stored was much harder. Moreover, staff needed to re-key data multiple times, so the time spent on recording this data was very high.

The solution

Jewish Care use Dynamics 365 to ensure that their clients receive the best possible care.  The client is now at the very centre of the system. Using intelligent dashboards, staff can see a full picture of the client’s complex needs. These include: health, relationships, social care cases, residential contracts, incidents and events in Jewish Care homes and Tenancies.

Staff in different departments can now collaborate on the same case seamlessly.

The system delivered by InfoPad allows Jewish Care to fully understand the multiple, complex relationships with their clients from one central point.  It saves them a huge amount of administrative time.

Return on investment

Senior figures within the social working teams have reported that the time taken for admin processes was halved with the arrival of Dynamics. With information at their fingertips, efficient workflows and speedy reporting, staff save hundreds of man hours each month.

KPIs can now be generated across the whole business in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. Prior to Dynamics, KPIs were very difficult to produce and often required crunching numbers in Excel or wading through pieces of paper.


Over 80 processes have been automated to save the organisation time and money and to improve consistency and reliability.

  • Improved Customer Services: The Jewish Care direct telephone support service use Dynamics to record conversations with clients and their family. Staff can easily triage introductions to social working teams, residential care teams and membership centres.  No paper required!
  • Full case history from first point of contact to last: The social working teams use Dynamics to collect and assign cases to the social workers and track the case through to resolution.  Additionally, relationships with family and practitioners are documented. An assessment can be created directly on Dynamics, often in the clients home. Again, this process uses no paper. All details are logged quickly, securely and confidentially.  Referrals to residential and membership teams can be made easily without the need for any data to leave Dynamics.
  • Secure and comprehensive document management: The residential teams use Dynamics to track the full process of a client moving into residential care.  SharePoint (a document management system) is linked to the clients records in Dynamics so that important documentation can be stored securely, easily located and available for collaborative working.
  • Seamless workflow across teams: Data on the client’s stay is collated and fed from the front-facing teams to the finance team directly within a customised workflow on Dynamics.
  • Membership tracking: The membership teams track members, subscriptions, preferences and attendance on events; 15 separate centres all linked by one database.