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Teams is affordable.

As a charity keeping costs low is of prime concern. If you already have Office 365 you can use Teams at no additional cost. If you don’t but you hold a recognised charitable status you can qualify for an Office 365 non-profit plan as a donation. An upgrade to more advanced features is offered at a generous discount.

Teams will save you valuable time

How is this possible?

Teams is a collaborative tool that allows your staff to interact with one another in a chat based workspace.

Not only can you chat with your colleague on a one to one basis but you can also conduct group audio and video calls. You can share screens during your conference calls, schedule and record meetings and share documents and manage personal documents all in one place.

How does this save you time?

Often time is lost when switching between different apps looking for documents and conversations. With Teams this is reduced because everything can be in one place thus saving you time and money.

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